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As YOUR City Councillor in Ward 2, I am committed to see our neighbourhoods, communities, and our city MOVE FORWARD. 


I know that TOGETHER we can see EDMONTON grow and flourish. Thank you for allowing me to be your VOICE. 


I hope that you will make this website a valuable resource, and I look forward to connecting with YOU  in the days ahead! 

Out and About in Ward 2

 Online Town Hall Meeting - ON DEMAND

Thanks for joining me for my first Online Town Hall Meeting! There will be a re-broadcast of the Town Hall and an On Demand version of the Town Hall Meeting as well. 


If you asked a question and we didn't get to it during the broadcast, know that we will be working through those questions and getting answers back to you as quickly as possible!

Moving Forward

What are Ward 2 residents saying.... 


They have shared concerns about potholes, traffic issues and spending concerns.


Oxford residents shared concerns about roads and fiscal management.


Carlton residents shared concerns about drainage in winter months, Northwest LRT and transit.


Kensington residents shared concerns about how City spends its money and state of our roads.


Joined Inglewood residents as they celebrated renaming Inglewood Park to Winnifred Steward Park to honour her work.   


Cumberland residents expressed concerns about speeding traffic in front of their homes and snow removal.   They also had questions about the LRT and how soon it will be built.


Residents in Caenarvon expressed concerns about infrastructure and how the city spends its money.  They also raised concerns about safety and that city should have more police.


Pembina residents voiced concerns over traffic and speeders.


Hudson residents shared their priority of safety in their community and the City.


Residents of Carlisle identified infrastructure as their top spending priority.  


Griesbach residents shared their priority of transportation and concern re urban sprawl.


Residents in Rosslyn expressed support for the City's investment into maintenance of roads.


Calder residents talked about concern re speed of traffic near schools and need for more afforadable housing in the north part of the city.


Lauderdale residents shared their experiences with flooding after the recent storm and wondered when neighbourhood renewal is supposed to be done.   I checked and it is currently scheduled for 2015-2018.


Athlone/Dunvegan residents also shared their concerns about our roads including snow removal, pot holes and the shape of our arterial roads.  


Residents in Spruce Avenue shared their concerns about traffic, lack of care of rental properties, and safety in neighborhood.


Prince Charles residents inquired about neighborhood renewal, airport lands redevelopment and want to keep city moving forward.


Inglewood residents are happy with direction the city is taking but are concerned about noise and safety from traffic cutting through their neighborhood.


Woodcroft residents discussed neighborhood renewal that is underway as well as concerns about impact of new high rises on community.


Residents in Sherbrooke expressed frustrations with transit service and shared thoughts on city finances.


Dovercourt residents see infrastructure and  investment in roads as priority for city.


Wellington residents expressed concerns about city's finances, potholes and snow removal.

Map of Ward 2

Ward 2

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